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For most urbanites, city life is full of stress and duties. School, work, and financial obligations are constantly making demands on our time. While doing our part in society is honorable, it is vitally important that we periodically get away. We need a space where we can forget all the artificial constructs that daily oppress us. We need secret spots.

Secret spots are social getaways. They are the place where you forget social status, ethnicity, class, or educational background. Secret spots allow you to just be you, letting authentic connections take place with others. We suggest escaping one or two times a week. Pick a day or an evening after work, go to a secret spot, and get away from it all.

Secret spots can be anything, this one is a hidden view at a tower.

It important to understand that secret spots can be anything. A secret spot can be an unknown hill with a view, a free parking spot somewhere in the city, an underground bar inside a library. A person can literally drop anything as a secret spot on the app. What determines its success as a secret spot or not are people on the app voting yes or no when they visit the place you share on CityXcape.

Since it is ultimately people that determines whether a place is a secret spot or not, the app revolves  around a feature called tribe. In real life, different communities have different values. A secret spot for one community might be a complete turn off to others. Therefore, the first thing a user does when onboarding CityXcape is choosing a tribe.

A Tribe is a community of people who share secret spots with one another. Since the secret spots are visible only to members of that tribe, the fear of infiltration is removed. In other words, if you and I belong to two different tribes, CityXcape will reveal entirely different secret spots to us. All secret spots will remain visible only to a tribe. But even within a tribe however, some secret spots will have deeper filters such as user level, time within a tribe, etc.

Some secret spots are social hubs, others are places of isolation. There are times where we want to be with others, and times where we want to be alone. CityXcape compensates for this by showing you how many people have checked into a secret spot, so that you know if it is crowded even before going there. We want to empower you, whether that means time alone or bonding with others.

You may be saying that this sounds great but I don’t know any secret spots. No need to worry! That’s exactly what the CityXcape mobile app is for. Open CityXcape, choose your tribe, and the app will show you secret spots where you can escape. If you want to find the more exclusive secret spots however, you cannot just consume, you have to find your own secret spots and contribute to the community. When someone first join a tribe, they have the first rank of tourist.But as they contribute to the community by finding and verifying secret spots, they move up in rank

CityXcape is there to help you explore the city and meet new people. If you are interested in downloading the app, sign up for the beta here.

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