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Hey guys and gals, my name is Theodore Klinesmith, a fellow scout and one of CityXcape’s writers. I’ve posted several technical blogs many of you have read and potentially utilized. In this article however, I would like to introduce my personal background and what lead me into urban exploring.

CityXcape Scout
I’m a 26 year old scout in Ohio.


My journey in urban exploring began a long time ago. I’ve been part of the community for close to 16 years. It all started when I was ten years of age in my then hometown of Baltimore Ohio. Back then, websites for urbex were extremely few. For the most part, secret spots were dedicated to a single group of friends who would share locations to hang out after school or in the summer.

In the early days, our definition of secret spot was not as grand as many consider it today. Nevertheless, it lit enough of a spark that permitted me to continue exploring. After nearly two decades of scouting, my scout area now covers Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and even as far north as Detroit.

The structures I find most interesting are old manufacturing buildings and theme parks. Many of those exists in my stomping grounds, so it’s no surprise that I grew a special liking to them. A decade of urban exploring have also forced me to upgrade my equipment. I went from utilizing cell phones for pictures to now carrying a Nikon D5100. My method of transportation has also gotten more diverse. I now use a jeep, bicycle, and even kayaks to scout for secret spots.

Bellair Toll bridge
Favorite Secret Spot: Bellair Toll bridge


Besides learning multiple ways of entering or exiting an area for the search of secret spots, scouting has also pressed me into learning the history of local areas. As you all know, some of the best resources for information aren’t found in a URL on google but through local libraries, street landmarks, architectural symbols, museums, or by just talking to seasoned locals.

Exploration is about escape and discovering something that others may never see. I live in the Rust Belt as well as Southwestern Appalachia. This is an area rich in history and secret spots kept well hidden by nature. I ask that you come explore it one day, I’ll leave plenty of secret spots on CityXcape for you to explore.

I hope you have my enjoyed my short scout bio. I’ll be continuing to provide tips and tricks of the trade for finding secret spots in the future. For those of you interested in learning more about the urban exploring community, I highly recommend you read the article on the type of scouts. It’ll give you a basic overview of our world along with how to actually become a scout if interested.

We Out Here!
Columbia Cement House

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