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If you are reading this article, I will assume you know what CityXcape is, an app to find secret spots. I will also assume you are familiar with the star players of CityXcape- scouts. Scouts are urban explorers who scavenge the city for hidden gems and social venues. If you are interested in becoming a scout, the first step after enlisting is to decide what type of scout you want to become, and thats what this article is about.

They are mainly four types of scout. The ground scout, the food scout, the night scout, and the art scout. These four make up the core of CityXcape. Each of these scouts have different strengths and affinities. That is why it is important to take a look at each and see which one matches you best. Let us see what they do:

Ground Scouts 

CityXcape Ground Scout
Ground scouts find you free gems in the city

Ground scouts are explorers without an agenda. They walk around different neighborhoods and look for any hidden thing of value. They may find you a free parking spot hidden somewhere in the city, a tucked away corridor for smokers, a free lounge to socialize, a romantic scenery with views, a clean public bathroom, or even a secret person… their discoveries are not only fascinating, but useful.

As a ground scout myself, I personally love this form of exploration. It’s an activity that requires a strong body to endure long walks, and patience to search for hidden valuables that others miss. Being a ground scout also makes you become familiar with routes, a skill that always comes in handy.

Ground scouts connects people with others. Since they do a lot of local traveling, ground scouts meet a ton of people. Having spoken to many of them and taken note of their needs, they connect a person with others of matching needs.

As you can see, ground scouts play a pretty important role in the city. They find resources for a community, learn new routes, and connect people with one another. Without ground scouts, the city is a senseless hive covered in grey concrete.

Food Scouts

CityXcape Food Scout
Food scouts find you secret dishes in the city.

Mmmmmhh what is life without food… We all like to eat good food, but shortage of time forces us into the habit of eating the same meals. As the name implies, food scouts are people who look for great food in the city. They find the hole in the wall that beats the five star restaurants. Food scouts can even find you a secret dish that is not publicly listed in the menu of a restaurant. They are awesome!

In a city like New York, where people are busy tussling and bustling, food scouts have an immense value. They find us good food, cheap food, hidden food, exotic food, dating food, weird food, salty food, savory food, and the list goes on. All this saves us time, and keeps our stomach happy.

So what does it take to become a food scout? Well first, it requires a passion for food. Equally important however, is experience with different dishes and gustatory discernment. Food scouts don’t just know food, they know the common pallets out there and thus can foretell on what dish will be successful. America is a culinary nation, that is why I am convinced food scouts will be some of the most successful scouts on CityXcape, both in terms of money and fame.

Art Scouts

CityXcape Art Scout
Art scouts connects you to the underground art world.

If the food scout feeds your stomach, the art scout feeds your soul. Art scouts are explorers of culture. They find the undiscovered artist, the hidden museums, the tucked away gallery, the underground shows, the cool hipster joints, and much more. Art scouts connect us to the underground art scene, it is through them we have access to that world. They reveal to us the colorful expressions that artists are putting out daily but goes unnoticed due to lack of awareness.

What type of person is the art scout? First and foremost, the art scout is culturally knowledgeable. They possess strong knowledge of many different cultures. They are xenophiles. Second, art scouts are fascinating with artistic expression regardless the medium. Lastly, the art scout have passion for educating the public in artistic matters. They see themselves as art ambassadors, who reach the public and make art accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy.

Night Scouts

Night scouts show you where the fun is.

Every night scout is a socialite, but not every socialite is a night scout. Night scouts are the cool boys and girls, the attractive ones everybody wants to hang out with. Night scouts are so cool that their presence immediately makes a place more fun. They are fashionable, connected, and usually attractive. Being next to a night scout makes you feel cool, more in touch with the trends. In a way, we all wish we were night scouts!

Why are night scouts so godamn cool? They are cool because they are connected to the pulse of the city. They know all the hot clubs, cool bars, hot after parties, and even daytime events happening in the hood. I mentioned earlier that food scouts will likely experience the most success on CityXcape, however I can see night scouts being a strong rival for #1.


Our job as scouts is to reveal a world hidden to a society consumed by Instagram or distracted by Netflix. Many people believe mainstream to be real, it is not. Corporate America and mainstream media are just a thin layer of what’s going on in the city. The real action is happening in the dark, behind the scenes. Our creative hobby of sharing secret spots encourages people to discover that reality that always existed. People have been neglecting this side of life due to passive activities like Facebook, video games, or dating apps. Things are changing however, people are getting tired of starring a their social media wall and longing for more. Your job as a scout is to give them that adventure.

Those of you interested in becoming scouts for the CityXcape app should enlist here. You will be emailed with instructions when the app is released.

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