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Millennials have come to dread dating. An average date typically entails dinner and drinks. When the bill arrives, the potential couple becomes tense. Usually someone pays while trying hard to keep a smile. This tenseness is due to a truth we all feel viscerally- that getting to know someone shouldn’t be so expensive.

But what if that could change? What if there was a spot you could bring the person you fancy for a truly unique experience without a hefty price tag? As you all know, CityXcape is about all finding such spots, and the one we recommend for free dating is the Self-Taught Genius Gallery in Queens, NY.

Welcome to Self Taught Genius 

Self taught genius

The Self-Taught Genius Gallery is a gem. It meets the first criteria of a secret spot — it’s hidden in plain sight. The gallery looks so unassuming from the outside that you probably will pass it right by.

Admission is not only free, but the place features cool artwork from local artist who are self taught. This museum gets extra streetcred for that! CityXcape is all about the local underdog fighting their way up. Browsing the work of local artist makes an interesting date because it supplies plenty of conversational material for you and your potential partner to bounce around. That’s such a refreshment from the average dinner date, which is nothing more than a job interview for a husband. Dating should be about seeing as many dimensions of the other person as possible, not statically sitting down at a dinner table.

The Self-Taught Genius Gallery is an arm of the American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan. Located inside their administrative office in Queens, this gallery offers visitors an intimate look at artworks they have sat in storage. Currently, the gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 11 AM to 5 PM but is looking to add evening and weekend hours in the future. If you want to look like an insider in front of your date, ask for Sarah and tell her to drop you the scoop on upcoming collections.

The art sets the scene for an interesting date.

Taking your date to a secret spot conveys that you’re connected to the city, you’re more interesting than the average Joe who’s usually oblivious to street knowledge. The Self-Taught Genius Gallery is a great venue for you to show your street smarts. You and your date will explore historic and contemporary work by local self-taught artists. What a cool story! I hope you all find the person of your dreams.

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