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I previously wrote a piece covering the type of scouts there are in the city. I explained that different scouts have different abilities. A ground scout for an example, possess very different skill sets than a night scout. Scouts vary not just in specialty however, but in skill and accomplishment as well. Thats what the scout titles are for, to recognize the contributions a scout have made in the past, and justly reward them.

Before we dive into the actual titles, I’d like to pause and explain how scouts level up in the first place. In the CityXcape world, a person’s standing is not measured by money but by street knowledge. Each time a scout shares valuable street information, CityXcape rewards them with StreetCred- our platform’s currency. The more StreetCred a scout earns, the higher their status.

The question that naturally pops up is this- what exactly is valuable information to the streets? The answer to this is not straightforward, for the streets may value several things. For the sake of simplicity however, I will summarize the three most important: 1) The streets care about cool joints to hang out- we call those secret spots. 2) The streets want to know what secret spots are fake or legit, we call those verifications. 3) The streets care about are cool people to meet with- we call those tribes.

Let’s translate these into the app experience. CityXcape rewards you with StreetCred when you add new secret spots, verify existing secret spots posted by other scouts, and create a tribe of cool people in your city. If you know the streets (or at least think you do), CityXcape is for you.

Now, returning to our subject of hierarchy, there goes the pecking order:Scout Rankings

Scout titles are not just bells and whistles. They are real privileges that come with each. As a scout progresses through the ranks, he or she receive access to more exclusive secret spots, earn more StreetCred, and builds a bigger street following.

The aristocracy ranks of Knight, Duke, and Street Kings have higher privileges. The visibility of their secret spots is significantly increased. They also enjoy personal fame by being framed on their city’s leader board. The Street King has access to even more weapons of influence but you’ll have to become one to find out what they are ☺.

Those of you interested in grasping the more fundamental aspects of CityXcape, I recommend checking out the article- what is a secret spot. This post provides a good foundation of the CityXcape world. If you’re ready to test your metal as a scout however, click on the image below to enlist.

We are the Streets

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