Scout Rules

Every community has its implicit rules. These rules are not arbitrary, they are based on behaviors that positively serve the individual and the group as a whole. The Scout community is no different. We have three rules that help us thrive and fulfill our goal of exploring the city.

Scout rule #1: Find Secret Spots

Rule number one is to find secret spots, that’s what makes us scouts. A scout never stops exploring. The frequency of explorations may slow down or accelerate, but the habit of discovering new corners of the city continues. Of course, life situation changes. A scout may have children for example, which may forces the explorative instincts to slow down. But if he or she is true to the game, they will find ways to keep exploring and even bring the children along.

Scout rule #2: Catch the Footage News scout

As scouts, we observe- it’s one of our core skills. The power of observation is profound; science would not exist without it. Learn to capture knowledge fresh from the pages of life. You won’t catch great photo footage if you cannot observe. Pay attention to everything, the pavement, the walls, the clothing of those around, their conversations, their posture, etc. Most importantly, remain observant so you can identify value others ignore, that’s how secret spots are found and great images of them are taken. Remain alert fellow explorers and capture the beauty that others miss.

Scout rule #3: Share Information 

There are two type of scouts. The first is one who finds a secret spot and conceals it for him or herself. The latter is a scout who finds a secret spot but intelligently shares it to a tribe on CityXcape. We encourage the latter, not the former. Please do not be the scout with a competitive mindset that discourages sharing from the fear that their secret spots might become ruined. The CityXcape app will allow you to set security rules so that your secret spot can only be seen by those who meet your requirements. It is also important to remember that we live in a world of abundance. Old secret spots are dying, and new ones constantly being born. Enrich your community by sharing the secret spots you discover, and in return you will also see the secret spots of others.

I hope the scouts who have read this article have gained more clarity on the rules of this network. If you have questions or suggestions on how the community may improve, please leave them in the comment below. Those of you interested in learning more about the community in general, I recommend reading the article that explains our mission.

What have you found today?

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