How CityXcape Uses Data

Many Tech companies burry their data policy under heavy legalese to discourage people from knowing how their information is being utilized. CityXcape believes in no such thing. Transparency is always best. Instead of ending with dramatic scandals in the news, we rather tell you up from what we do with your data. We will not try to paint you a saintly image of CityXcape. As a tech company, we are in the business of selling data, some of this selling may be for less than noble use, like advertising. Nevertheless, we will try our best to use the data we collect for activities that are useful for the general public. Now without further ado, here is how CityXcape uses data:

We Sell Data to other CityXcape Users

Want to find where that super cool secret spot is? Well, you might have to pay $5. Want to message that cute girl you had a missed connection with? If you don’t have enough streetcred, you might have to pay $1. Want to show off your social status to the community? Buy the Nobility rank outright on your Streetpass, it will only cost you $5,000. ¬†This sort of example can go on and on. As you can see, our first buyers are actually regular users like you and I. What we are buying is social access, whether that means access to a secret spot or access to someone that you need. Nevertheless, the first patron is you, the user.

Improve Transportation & Routes

Getting to a secret spot requires commuting. As you route to a secret spot, CityXcape collects data on the routes you used for getting there. It then compares this information to the routes and arrival times of other users and performs optimization analysis on this information. There are tons of buyers for this sort of information, from transit agencies to smart cars. Even other CityXcape users benefit from this data, for the app can make suggestions to them on what routes to use to get to a secret spot the fastest. CityXcape also uses this data to show users which secret spots have alot of people heading to them, showing you where the party is going to happen.

Census Data

The government normally collects census every five to seven years. These surveys are… well, let’s just say they’re not perfect. When you join CityXcape, you are generating census information on the app by joining a tribe. Your tribe and location combined generates a census point. You are essentially detailing what kind of people lives in what location. Through this data, people can make better choices in learning where to move. If I am a hip hop junkie, the census data CityXcape creates will show you me which neighborhoods have other enthusiasts like myself. Who buys this data? Real estate agencies, from commercial to residential.

Urban Development 

What exactly is urban development? This industry sounds cool but seem so mystical. What exactly are these urban developers doing? Urban development is the conscious design of cities, both culturally and economically. With gentrification becoming the new norm in cities like Brooklyn or Oakland, the fact that this wave of young professionals make it problematic for others reveals our lack in this area of science.

CityXcape help urban development via its secret spots. Secret spots give us a clear idea of what area is pouring with life, which areas are upcoming, and which pockets are dead zones. With this foreknowledge, CityXcape can redirect traffic from areas with excessive activities to others that need nurturing. This will distribute cultural and economic energy to other parts of the city, making small businesses and socialites happy.


You knew this was coming… What’s a tech company without advertising. There is simply too much money in advertisement for CityXcape to pass it by. This doesn’t mean selling our soul however. As a company, our goal is to help large corporations make a profit, but more importantly, we want to empower the small local businesses.

Since CityXcape is a platform entirely based on location and tribe, we are the best to connect the small businesses to locals that fall under their niche. Businesses have tribes too, and we allow them to reach that community for bonding and support.

Open Source

The use cases mentioned above are our ideas on how this data can be used. Truth is however, there are many more ways to utilize the information the CityXcape application generates. That is why we plan on open sourcing some of our data to the developer community. Business and engineering can do wonders when working together. We give them the key, then sit back to let them amaze us.

PS: If you want to read all the boring legal privacy policy stuff, click here to do so.

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