Introducing Hood Story

All neighborhoods have stories, but we don’t often hear about them. Local history is typically seen as either uninteresting or irrelevant; it’s not something people stop to think about. Because of this, neighborhood history is practically non-existent. It is not taught in schools, nor by parents.

It’s time to stop this neglect and shine some light on this beautiful subject! Learning the history of neighborhoods will make the city you live in feel more like home. Streets will no longer be just grey concrete- they will have meaning. You will have built a bond with where you are walking. 

Learning local history will give the streets context and connection.

My name is James Allan. My love for history and urban exploring has led me to start a mini-series where I will cover the stories of popular neighborhoods throughout the country. I call it “Hood Story”… short for neighborhood story. Each episode will be short and light hearted.

I will try to have both a practical and an emotional side to each story. The practical side will include facts to help you judge whether or not this is a good neighborhood to live in. Details such as community life, access to transportation, local amenities, and job opportunities will be covered in this portion. 

On the emotional side, I will mention elements that are more subjective… Cool facts such as which famous people lives (or have lived) there, what makes the neighborhood hip, what tribes lives there, will be mentioned. 

Finally, I will end each episode by grading the neighborhood along certain dimensions. This will provide a good visual summary of our explorations. I will try to make the grading as interactive as possible, and I suggest that you, as reader and viewer, contribute by submitting your own grade in the comment section.

So who should follow Hood Story? Anyone with an interest in history, community, or traveling. Episodes can be useful not only to residents, visitors, and scouts, but to those contemplating a move. It can be a way of getting inside knowledge on a neighborhood without having to go there. Who knows, you might discover your next neighborhood by watching! 

If you are interested in Hood Story, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for this is where I will post each episode. Hope to see you there!

We are the Streets

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