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If you are reading this, chances are you have found us through the callout for urban explorers. People who find themselves interested in our calling are either seasoned explorers or would like to become one. If you fall in one of these two categories, you’re at the right place. So what is this all about? Why are you here? and why are we looking for urban explorers? This article will answer all these questions.

I’d like to begin with a casual introduction. We are CityXcape, a company dedicated to cities and their streets. Our mission is to explore every city in the world and organize their information. In order to do this, we created an app for people to share secret spots. The app is also called CityXcape.

An app cannot find secret spots on its own however, it needs scouts who like to explore the city for gems and share that information with people. By sharing secret spots, scouts are guiding the public to places where they can hangout and meet others. This makes the city a much happier place to live in.

Our mission is to explore every city in the world.

Cities as they are today provide no guidance for people to find venues where they belong. Because of this, city dwellers tend to live in a hyper-insular bubble consisting of work/school, restaurants/bars. This tiny pseudo-world, although convenient, leaves various social and emotional needs unfulfilled. The end result is a lonely crowd dwelling in a concrete jungle.

Our job as scouts is to bring the feeling of community back by showing people secret spots where they can meet others of the same tribe. We scavenge the city for this information, and plant the data in CityXcape so that it can be made available to the public. As people are checking out secret spots, they meet new people and learn new things about the city. As people learn the city and meet others, they eventually find their place in the community.

So what’s in it for the scout? After all, no one explores for free. Well… maybe some do, but not all. The CityXcape app rewards its scouts in many ways. First, CityXcape will promote your profile every time someone checks out a secret spot you have posted. This will increase your local influence and notoriety.

Second, if someone like a secret spot you discovered, they can choose to “street follow” you on the app. When someone street follows you, they are notified each time you drop a new secret spot on CityXcape. This might seem trivial, but think of the enormous influence this gives you over the streets. There are plenty of people who will want to tap into such fame, from businesses, clubs, to even politicians.

Third, CityXcape will enable people to leave you a tip after checking out your secret spot. This allows each secret spot to passively generate income for you. Lastly, urban exploring is a reward in of itself. The people you meet, the places you discover, the connections you make, the unique moments you have, all these are gifts that scouting will give if you are true and consistent to the game.

If all this sounds exciting to you, then enlist to become a scout. By enlisting, you are letting us know what specific city you would like to explore for CityXcape. When the app is released, we will contact you with a download link and instructions on how to get started as a scout. Live well and travel!

We are the StreetsCityXcape is the Streets

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  1. Hey. Recently single and looking for new friends to occupy my time and explore with. Mid 20s young professional with plenty of free time on weeknights and weekends.

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